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Logwise provides a robust and user-friendly solution that ensures you meet your regulatory obligations

Compliance & Efficiency Gains

Benefit from a unified dashboard for comprehensive oversight, streamlined transaction reporting, and effective document management, significantly reducing manual intervention. The platform offers robust tools for compliance verification, including tracking of pre-cleared trades and detection of potential violations, enhancing operational integrity.

“Fearnley Securities has been using Logwise for 3 years, and we are very satisfied with the solutions the system has provided. It is an efficient system featuring automated processes that have significantly reduced manual labor, boosted overall productivity, and minimised errors”

Pontus Hahne, Head of Compliance, Fearnley Securities AS

Automated Processes

Logwise is designed to transform repetitive and tedious processes into streamlined workflows, significantly reducing time expenditure and minimising the risk of human error. Our platform guides you through the process of monitoring employee personal trade reporting and pre-clearance requests effortlessly, ensuring you stay compliant without the hassle.

Flexibility by Design

Logwise offers a powerful and intuitive compliance platform, designed to help you fulfill your regulatory responsibilities with ease. This flexible solution features a variety of modules, allowing you to customise your experience based on your specific needs and preferences.


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