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Excellence in Inside Information Management

Gain control of your inside information management and ensure compliance with the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). Built to meet the compliance needs of listed companies, advisors, banks and legal firms.

Ensure compliance
Automatic Insider Lists

Automated Insider Lists

Tired of manually updating your insider lists? Logwise provides innovative MAR compliance solutions for boards, leadership teams, corporate secretaries, general counsels, investment bankers, investment managers, and compliance officers to ensure compliance and operational efficiency.

Insider list overview
Market soundings

Automated Wall-Crossing

Market participants planning capital markets transactions need to ensure they follow the MAR (Article 11) market soundings provisions. To help all parties involved stay compliant, Logwise turns repetitive and tedious processes into streamlined and time-saving workflows.

Automating the market sounding process
Policy management

Streamlined Policy Management

Managing policies can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially in today's regulatory landscape. Logwise offers specialised services to help companies efficiently manage their policies, ensuring compliance and improving corporate governance processes.

Ensure compliance
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    No installations
    Minimal setup time
    Automatic updates



    User-optimized workflows for
    Insiders, PDMRs and Administrators



    Minimizes your admin time
    Automates your MAR-processes

  • Benefit : SECURITY & CONTROL


    Constant security focus
    Continuously enhancing security protocols
    For more info click here

  • Benefit : GDPR & PRIVACY


    Privacy is imperative
    Strict personal data GDPR compliance

  • Benefit : EU-WIDE SOLUTION


    Designed to manage MAR-processes
    for any EU country

A selection of our customers

I would recommend Logwise Insider to companies regulated under MAR, I am very satisfied with the service and the support I have been given.
Mats Högberg
Pharmacolog AB
I am very satisfied with the service and would recommend the service to other firms. Logwise has simplified the MAR process for us.
Anna Brandt
Hövding AB
I am very satisfied with Logwise and not having to chase insiders – they themselves fill in their data. Simultaneously we can see if they done what they should. I can recommend Logwise Insider to other companies which must follow MAR.
Jens Bruno
Ripasso Energy AB

Secure and intuitive

Secure and intuitive

Logwise guides you through the process of creating an insider list within seconds. Add insiders with a single click and publish your insider list just as easily.

We are helping you get fully compliant. A turnkey solution with no configurations needed. Get up and running within minutes.

Read more on how we can help you manage your list of PDMR. And also how we help you as PDMR to fulfill your obligations.

“With Logwise we have built a service that fits any company that must comply with MAR. We have turned tedious and error prone processes into easy manageable workflows and features helping all involved to stay compliant.

Logwise is built on top of world class security, requires no installations and with our subscription based licensing you will always have the latest version”

Eld Leijonhufvud – Chief Compliance Officer

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I am happy with Logwise and the support I have been given.
Hans Liljenborg
Immunovia AB
I am very satisfied with Logwise. You can add insiders to existing lists and notify the NCA with ease
Marianne Olsson
SenzaGen AB
Automated Wall-Crossing: Improving Compliance and Efficiency

Automated Wall-Crossing: Improving Compliance and Efficiency

Wall-crossing is a crucial aspect of finance, particularly in the investment banking industry. “Wall-crossing” in the context of MAR basically refers to conducting a market sounding involving disclosure of inside information to […]

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A deep dive in the market soundings safe harbour

A deep dive in the market soundings safe harbour

The MAR Art. 11 (Market Soundings Regime) stipulates certain procedures that are to be followed – and in exchange, relevant involved parties navigating through those procedures reaches the protective “safe harbour” – […]

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MAR “persons closely associated” vs IAS 24 “related parties” – definitions and differences

MAR “persons closely associated” vs IAS 24 “related parties” – definitions and differences

MAR stipulates a general requirement to keep lists concerning insiders, whereas there is no similar requirement for lists under IAS 24. Even so, certain EU countries, e.g. Finland, have already installed certain […]

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