The Logwise Team

Eld Leijonhufvud

Joshua Anthony

Tomas Zonabend

Mattias Nordlindh

Eld Leijonhufvud is a legal professional with 15 years experience of corporate governance, compliance and risk; formerly member of the Swedish Bar Association, multiple Director of the Board positions, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel in Swiss financial services industry as well as big 4 consultant in bank compliance projects.

Joshua Anthony is a software entrepreneur who has run and developed multiple small IT companies profitably over 20 years. He is an avid proponent and practitioner of Lean Startup, customer oriented product development and agile software development. His recent experience includes successfully coordinating & coaching 5 parallel value stream software development teams in multiple coordinated projects over 2 years with total budgets in excess of €10 million. Joshua is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, regularly holding training courses in Microsoft & Azure development technologies.

Tomas Zonabend has 20 years experience in finance and payment solutions. Previously as a senior consultant working with large corporations on IT security & architecture, custom software development and development process management. He is a certified Scrum Master and holds lectures about good programming practices among clients. Recent experiences include five years working as a systems architect and Team lead for web based investor relation solutions at Cision. Tomas holds a degree in Electronics from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology.

Mattias Nordlindh has several years experience as an IT consultant and IT entrepreneur. Before working in the commercial sector Mattias held a position as Lecturer at the Department of Information and Media, Uppsala University, responsible for programs in IT security and software development. Mattias holds an MSc in Information Systems from Uppsala University.

Henrik Ekdahl

Sofja Radova

John Martin

Henrik Ekdahl has extensive consultative sales experience from blue chip companies like Nasdaq and Thomson Reuters. In his various roles, he has engaged with listed companies for over a decade and been a driving force behind the expansion of SaaS solutions as mean for improved corporate governance. Henrik holds an MSc in Finance from Durham Business School, UK.

Sofja Radova – With experience in graphic design, identity, and web projects worldwide, including major projects in Los Angeles, Dubai, and Europe, Sofja Radova brings global expertise. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and applied education in graphic and web design, along with continuous online design and art courses, she is committed to ongoing education and learning in design and software. A semi-nomad, Sofja’s diverse experiences enrich her design approach. Believing in the value of lifelong business relationships, she strives to deliver resonant design solutions. Sofja is dedicated to helping Logwise find their corporate style and uniqueness.

John Martin leads the Logwise vanguard of UK business development. A US expat in Warsaw, Poland, John worked in global business development for FMCG brands, SaaS technologies; in the United States, John owned and operated outpatient ambulatory care clinics. John studied English and political science at University Reno Nevada.
Currently John is studying finance for investment opportunities. Aside from spending time with family, he reads political philosophy and attempts poetry.

Joshua Juan Caparrós

Hugo Anthony

Joshua Juan is a dedicated full-stack developer from Spain, with over seven years of experience in web development. Specializing in PHP and JavaScript, has honed his skills to create dynamic and responsive web applications and websites, particularly leveraging the WordPress platform to bring clients’ visions to life.

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