Automated workflows

Logwise manages the entire process for insider lists simply and securely – from the decision to delay disclosure all the way to informing your National Competent Authority (NCA)
  • 1
    Documents decisions
  • 2
    Creates insider list
  • 3
    Informs insiders of their obligations
  • 4
    Collects confirmations from insiders
  • 5
    Sends reminders until insiders have confirmed their obligations
  • 6
    Notifies your NCA on public disclosure
  • 7
    Informs insiders when the list is closed
  • 8
    Archives insider lists for 5 years
  • 9
    Sends full details and log of insider list to NCA if required

For Issuers

Logwise automates the manual tasks that typically emanates from MAR. By reducing repetitive and mundane work such as saving every version of your insider list or chasing insiders for their confirmations, you get more time for business critical matters and reduce the risk for human errors.

Logwise is fully hosted with no need for installations and continuous updates are included.

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For Administrators

Logwise guides you through the process of creating an insider list within seconds. Add insiders easily using your predefined insider groups or by selecting them from a list. All email templates and legal memorandums are included, and can also be customized.

The service gives you a clear view of all messages being sent to insiders and intuitive traffic lights indicate insider response status.

Once you close the insider list, notification to the NCA is sent automatically.

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For Insiders

Logwise helps you fulfil your MAR-obligations.

Have you already entered your personal information? Perfect, now you can confirm your project specific insider duties without logging in. Just click the link in the email.

Are you an insider in multiple companies. Don’t worry. In Logwise you get to see all your insider lists at once, for all your companies.

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Logwise provides complete support for managing your list of Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibilites (PDMRs) including Persons Closely Associated (PCAs) with all required notifications and confirmations.

Alerts about closed periods and trading restrictions are sent automatically.

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Security and availability built on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is world leading in secure data management, with world class stability and accessibility. It complies with the relevant international and industry specific certifications, including ISO 27001. It is also GDPR compliant.

Each customer retains full control over the customer data. Only you as customer has access to the information.

Logwise gives you as user full transparency concerning where the data is stored and how it is secured. This is an important part in order for you as a customer to feel comfortable with our management of your information.


  • Issuers
  • Insiders
  • PDMRs
  • Administrators
  • Reduce manual work and minimize MAR compliance risk.
  • Enjoy a turnkey solution with no setup-time or installations, fully managed and with automatic updates.
  • Integrated NCA reporting ensures correct format and encryption standards.
  • Security and availability are built upon Microsoft Azure – download IT-security white paper here.
  • Delegate insider list management to professional advisory companies (law firms, investment banks etc.) handling your inside information.
  • Ensure satisfying the formal requirements for information control.
  • Collect all in one place. View your insider projects. Confirm your obligations. Update personal details.
  • Confirm your MAR-obligations through a simple click.
  • Manage your insider projects for multiple companies through one single view.
  • View all your current and archived projects in one view.
  • Get notifications about insider lists you are added to and be reminded until you have fulfilled your obligations.
  • Obtain automatic alerts about upcoming closed periods and corresponding trading restrictions.
  • Manage your Persons Closely Associated (PCAs) and ensure they are informed about their obligations.
  • Manage your projects for multiple companies through one single view.
  • Simplify notifications by acquiring customizable template emails and legal memorandums.
  • PDMRs and PCAs confirm their obligations through swift SMS/email/electronic BankID.
  • Monitor and control all your MAR-related processes through an intuitive and secure interface.
  • Simply add the email address of an insider and they will be duly notified and asked to fill in and update their personal data.
  • Obtain a fully integrated email service while also enjoying a simple traffic lights system to detect incorrect email addresses and when insiders have not duly fulfilled their obligations.
  • Share workload with multiple administrators and set permissions to grant or restrict access to insider lists.
  • Time-saving and guided workflows helps you set-up an insider list within seconds.
  • Verified legal templates and memorandums are included; yet in-house and customized templates can easily be used.
  • Automatic reminders are being sent to insiders until they have confirmed their obligations.
  • Integrated UTC-handling is provided to avoid human error when calculating time zone data.
I am very satisfied with Logwise. You can add insiders to existing lists and notify the NCA with ease
Marianne Olsson
Chief Financial Officer
SenzaGen AB
I am very satisfied with the service and would recommend the service to other firms. Logwise has simplified the MAR process for us.
Anna Brandt
Chief Financial Officer
Hövding AB