No installations
Minimal setup time
Automatic updates


Guided compliance workflows
Minimize risk and stay compliant


Minimizes your admin time
Automates your MAR-processes


Constant security focus
Cyber Essentials Plus Certified
Continuously enhancing security protocols


Privacy is imperative
Strict personal data GDPR compliance


Designed to manage MAR-processes
for firms in any EU country

Insider List Management

Insider list management is critical for MAR compliance, but manual management can be time-consuming, error-prone, and challenging. Logwise provides a market-leading automated insider list management solution that streamlines the process, reduces risk, and improves compliance.

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Wall-Crossing & Market Soundings

Market sounding and wall-crossing are critical in finance but come with legal risks if not managed correctly. To ensure compliance with MAR, Logwise offers a comprehensive platform that streamlines these processes. It includes automated workflows, secure cloud-based data storage, continuous monitoring by compliance officers, instant data exports for regulatory requests, and expert support for MAR compliance.

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A Selection of Our Customers

I am very satisfied with Logwise. You can add insiders to existing lists and notify the NCA with ease

Marianne Olsson, CFO, SenzaGen AB

Confidential List Management

Confidential lists are a vital tool for financial compliance, helping organisations manage sensitive information, streamline information management processes, and prepare for MAR requirements. With Logwise’s comprehensive suite of tools and expert support, organisations can stay ahead of the game and ensure compliance with MAR requirements.

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PDMR & IAS 24 Management

Logwise’s platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing PDMR compliance under MAR, streamlining the process of identifying and managing PDMRs and PCAs, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and providing a robust monitoring and reporting system.

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Policy List Management

Navigate through policy management with our bespoke solutions designed to streamline your operations, reduce manual overhead, and enhance overall efficiency.

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Compliance Management

For compliance officers, Logwise offers a robust monitoring and reporting tool, to ensure compliance and to track inside information across the organisation. Contact us to request your free trial today!

Fortified Security

Logwise runs on Microsoft Azure, a world leader in secure data management, with world class stability and accessibility. It complies with the relevant international and industry specific certifications, including ISO 27001. It is also GDPR compliant.

Each customer retains full control over the customer data. Only you as customer has access to the information.

Logwise gives you as user full transparency concerning where the data is stored and how it is secured. This is an important part in order for you as a customer to feel comfortable with our management of your information. Logwise also maintains a Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

I am very satisfied with Logwise. You can add insiders to existing lists and notify the NCA with ease

Marianne Olsson, Chief Financial Officer, SenzaGen AB

I am very satisfied with the service and would recommend the service to other firms. Logwise has simplified the MAR process for us.

Anna Brandt, Chief Financial Officer, Hövding AB

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