Delegated list vs subsidiary list - personal responsibility, pitfalls and practical tips

As we previously addressed, EU is proceeding to finalize certain MAR amendments related to SME Growth Markets (“SMEGMs”). Regardless of the exact final wording of such amendments, it is already clear that [...]

When to create a subsidiary insider list - flowchart

Follow the arrows to see if you need to create a subsidiary insider list.

Advisers are personally responsible for the MAR sublist

MAR states that persons with inside information acting on the issuer’s behalf or the issuer’s account must keep their own insider list. Different kind of insider lists There are several different types [...]

EU SME Growth Markets alleviations are limited

MAR currently provides only two minor alleviations for SMEGM issuers: allowing to post inside information on the trading venue's website, instead of the issuer's website, and allowing establishing the insider lists first [...]

Checklist - 7 requirements to comply with MAR

We have produced a condensed 7-bullet checklist with some of the most important obligations that need to be fulfilled in order to be compliant with MAR. The checklist is valid irrespective of [...]

Handling (inside) information and alternative data

Most professionals affected by MAR are aware that, to be classified as insider information, the information needs not only to be considered precise with a likely significant price effect - but also [...]

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