Transform your Market sounding process today

Transform your Market sounding process today

Inside information may only lawfully be disclosed in the normal exercise of a person’s employment, profession or duties. MAR “market soundings” however provides a safe harbour, when a market participant planning a capital markets transaction follows a certain prescribed process. By meticulously following such process initiating capital raising (“wall crossing”), disclosure will be deemed lawful. The primary question obviously then becomes how to comply with this quite complex process.

Disclosing Market Participant (“DMP”)

Disclosing Market Participant ("DMP")

Logwise supports the entire workflow for a DMP to ensure compliance with the market sounding process stipulated by MAR.

Guiding the DMP though the process of creating a market sounding. Adding recipients using various channels; automatically by email, self serviced by recorded means or using unrecorded options. Even including support for writing and keeping written notes. After the market sounding is done the cleansing message is sent to all participants.

All communication is included in the platform but can be easily customized.

Transparency is ensured all the way through the market sounding with an easy and intuitive interface.

Market Sounding Recipient (“MSR”)

Market Sounding Recipient ("MSR")

If the market sounding contains inside information, the MSR must comply with the MAR provisions concerning inside information and its unlawful disclosure or use.

Logwise supports the documentation requirements for MSRs when they determine that they have received inside information.

With the ability to connect subsidiary insider lists Logwise helps the MSR stay compliant throughout the process.

A word from our customers

    I would recommend Logwise Insider to companies regulated under MAR, I am very satisfied with the service and the support I have been given.
    Mats Högberg
    Pharmacolog AB
    I am very satisfied with the service and would recommend the service to other firms. Logwise has simplified the MAR process for us.
    Anna Brandt
    Hövding AB
    I am very satisfied with Logwise and not having to chase insiders – they themselves fill in their data. Simultaneously we can see if they done what they should. I can recommend Logwise Insider to other companies which must follow MAR.
    Jens Bruno
    Ripasso Energy AB