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Steer Away from Sanctions!

Inside information may only lawfully be disclosed in the normal exercise of a person’s employment, profession or duties. Market soundings, however, provides a safe harbour, when a market participant planning a capital markets transaction follows a certain prescribed process.

With the advancements in technology, there is a growing trend towards automating wall-crossing processes. Read this blog post to explore the benefits of automated wall-crossing and how it can improve compliance and efficiency.

Compliance meets Efficiency

Market participants distributing market soundings (“DMP”) are guided through an intuitive workflow covering all aspects of a project, from compiling of information to investor outreach and cleansing.

Through the automated wall-crossing procedure, investors can select to participate and decide when to access the market sounding information. The DMP, in turn, can monitor responses can take actions accordingly.

Apart from reducing manual processes and creating a robust compliance framework, Logwise creates operational benefits through automation, which is also well perceived by investors.

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Benefits for Sales

  • Automatically send personalized emails to investors with all compliance details automatically logged and included in the email. 
  • Quicker acceptance of wall crossings for tech-savvy investors (high touch calling & emails also supported)
  • Reduce the manual overhead; get rid of in-house spreadsheets and cluttered inboxes. Mobile responsive design.
  • Track the status of each investor and send cleanse messages simultaneously

Benefits for ECM

  • Guided documentation process for internal assessments and wall-cross offerings
  • Uphold strict internal wall crossing protection through structured permission-based sharing
  • Distribute logging and outreach work through a centralized dashboard for each wall-crossing process
  • Flexibility to manage MAR market soundings and non-MAR private company investor engagements

Benefits for Compliance

  • Pull reports for audits and regulatory reporting with all relevant data with ease
  • Easily find who was involved with each process and quickly view relevant details regarding internal staff and external contacts
  • Unified system guidance for staff to ensure a highly structured, regulatory and compliant process

Market Soundings for the Buy-Side

Market participants receiving market soundings (“MSR”) must comply with the MAR provisions concerning inside information and its unlawful disclosure or use.

With Logwise, gatekeepers and fund managers are guided through a user-friendly interface ensuring compliance and operational efficiency.

Integration of restricted list management and clearance to trade functionality helps the fulfillment of internal policies.

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