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I am very satisfied with Logwise. You can add insiders to existing lists and notify the NCA with ease

Marianne Olsson, CFO, SenzaGen AB


No installations
Minimal setup time
Automatic updates


Guided compliance workflows
Minimize risk and stay compliant


Minimizes your admin time
Automates your MAR-processes


Constant security focus
Cyber Essentials Plus Certified
Continuously enhancing security protocols


Privacy is imperative
Strict personal data GDPR compliance


Designed to manage MAR-processes
for firms in any EU country

Benefits of Logwise

Logwise’s intuitive platform simplifies PDMR compliance, making it accessible for all users. Our tools allow you to effortlessly verify PDMR and PCA obligations, eliminating confusion and streamlining the compliance process. We manage closed periods with automated notifications, ensuring that PDMRs are always aware of their trading restrictions. Save time and resources, and achieve a new level of operational efficiency.

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Learn how to streamline PDMR and PCA management and simplify compliance with Market Abuse Regulation (MAR)

Let your board members handle their obligations

We have extended our functionality beyond listed companies, also offering automated processes for board members (PDMRs) and companies that are “infected” by regulations.

Logwise lets the PDMR inform their associates, and makes sure they confirm that they have understood their obligations with full transparency.

Regulatory instructions and support directly is embedded into the user interface. Automatically providing contextually relevant legal guidance.

Read our guide on which legal entities the PDMR should consider to be Person closely associated (PCA)

Upcoming closed period reminder for PDMRs

Allow your board members extra time to make critical transactions before the closed period starts.

Instead of implementing time consuming routines. Let Logwise take the burden of making sure you stay compliant.

I am very satisfied with the service and would recommend the service to other firms. Logwise has simplified the MAR process for us.

Anna Brandt, Chief Financial Officer, Hövding AB

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