Create an insider list and motivate your decision to delay disclosure

Create an insider list. Add who is responsible for the decision to delay disclosure. Use your local time zone to fill in when the decision to delay disclosure took place. All conversion to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is handled automatically by the system. Motivate your decision to delay disclosure.

Get an overview of how to motivate your decision to delay disclosure

Are you creating an Insider List when the reporting period starts? Our CCO Eld Leijonhufvud just wrote this article.

Subsidiary insider lists

Create subsidiary lists and connect it to the issuer insider list.

Get a subsidiary insider list overview

Built-in email notification

This feature provides you with a control room displaying what is happening with insiders after they are being added. All email notifications are tracked and shown in an easy to use traffic light system. Your obligations are fulfilled once all are checked and green.

View all email correspondence

View all email correspondence for each insider list. See if someone answered one of your emails. Not happy with the default reminder settings for when the emails are sent? Send an extra email here.

Administer insider lists for several issuers / organizations

Administer several issuers / organizations. View all your insider / PDMR obligations at once. Select which organization you administer. This feature also suites corporate secretary firms and certified adviser firms.

Add insider groups or multiple insiders at once

Create groups of insiders and add them all at once. Alternatively, add more than one at a time by selecting insiders one by one in the list.

View permanent insiders in the insider list

Get an easy overview of all insiders and permanent insiders in your insider list.

Help insider onboard

View all your insiders – and if you already have address information you can facilitate new insider onboarding.

Press release integrated from your IR platform

Upon disclosure, select the press release concerning your insider list. All information is sent to your National Competent Authority (NCA).