Logwise has aimed to expand the authentication support in ASP.NET Identity to solve the challenges that arise in B2B applications where end users have several federated identities linked to themselves. The extension of ASP.NET Identity is distributed as an open source code library and is easy to use for anyone wanting to incorporate it in their web application.

Manage your online identity using multiple accounts with ease.

The project resulted in an advanced extension to the ASP.NET Identity framework to allow users to authenticate with services using multiple external accounts with federated authentication. This allows a user to not only easily authenticate using a trusted Microsoft or Google account, it also allows identification of users with an identity separate from their external accounts and can be used with multiple external accounts from the same provider.

Perhaps you have a Microsoft account for work and a separate private Outlook.com account, use these together to authenticate yourself in an ASP.NET Identity enabled application as one and the same person.

Logwise has developed this advanced Identity management solution with financial support from Sweden’s Innovation Agency VINNOVA.

More information will be forthcoming now that the project has completed. The project started in June of 2019 and ran until July 2020. In August of 2020 the results of the project were published on Github under an open source license MIT. https://github.com/Logwise/IdentityEmails