In an era where sustainability and compliance are not just buzzwords but imperatives, it’s crucial for businesses to integrate these principles deeply into their operations. At Logwise, we believe in leading by example. Our commitment to maintaining sustainable and ethical business practices is a cornerstone of our ethos, shaping the way we operate and interact with our stakeholders. This commitment extends beyond our software solutions—it’s part of our pledge to contribute positively to the world around us.

Recently, we undertook the EcoVadis assessment to evaluate our sustainability efforts and identify areas for further improvement. This evaluation helps us not only to measure up against international standards but also transparently share the results with you—our clients and partners. Our performance, highlighted by the in Ecovadis Medal, represents our ongoing dedication to sustainability, ethical practices, and labour rights.

Understanding Our EcoVadis Score

EcoVadis provides a robust framework for evaluating the sustainability practices of companies globally, across various industries. This assessment critically examines key areas such as environmental impact, labour practices, ethics, and sustainable procurement. For us at Logwise, participating in this evaluation was an essential step in benchmarking our efforts against the highest standards.

We are proud to announce that Logwise achieved a Bronze Medal in our recent EcoVadis assessment, positioning us in the top 35% of companies evaluated in our sector. This score reflects our strong commitment to sustainability and compliance, showcasing our dedication to making meaningful improvements in our operations.

The EcoVadis score serves not just as a badge of honour but as a mirror reflecting our current practices and areas where we can enhance our impact. It underscores our strengths in implementing effective environmental policies and our ethical business practices, while also pointing out avenues for growth, particularly in aspects of labour rights and more comprehensive sustainability strategies. 

This transparent sharing of our score and the insights gained from the EcoVadis assessment reaffirm our commitment to you—our clients and stakeholders—that Logwise remains steadfast in our journey towards sustainable excellence.

Key Areas of Assessment

The EcoVadis assessment evaluates several critical sustainability domains that impact not only our operational integrity but also our corporate social responsibility. Here’s a snapshot of how Logwise performed in these key areas and the insights we gained:


Our environmental initiatives have shown positive outcomes, particularly in our efforts to enhance energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, the assessment highlighted the need for more robust documentation and reporting on our waste management measures. Moving forward, we are committed to developing clearer strategies and implementing comprehensive measures to address this feedback.

Labor & Human Rights

Logwise places a high priority on promoting a healthy and safe working environment. The assessment acknowledged our policies on diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as our flexible work arrangements. Despite these strengths, it has been recommended that we bolster our actions related to health and safety and enhance our efforts in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. We see this as an opportunity to deepen our commitment to our team’s well-being and development.


We scored particularly well in the ethics dimension, reflecting our strict adherence to anti-corruption practices, data protection, and information security. Our policies and training programs are designed to prevent ethical breaches and protect stakeholder data from unauthorised access. The results affirm the effectiveness of our current measures and encourage us to continue our vigilance in maintaining high ethical standards.

By addressing these areas with targeted improvements, Logwise is not only committed to elevating our own practices but also to setting a standard in the industry for operating responsibly and sustainably. This evaluation serves as both a testament to our achievements and a roadmap for future growth.

Looking Ahead: Our Commitment and Goals

At Logwise, we view the results of our EcoVadis assessment not just as an end, but as a stepping stone towards greater sustainability and enhanced corporate responsibility. Here’s how we plan to build on our current achievements and address the areas identified for improvement:

Strengthening Our Environmental Impact

We are setting specific, measurable targets to improve our waste management practices and enhance our reporting on environmental KPIs. By upgrading our technology and refining our operational practices, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint significantly over the next few years.

Enhancing Labor Practices and Human Rights

Dedicated to fostering an inclusive and safe working environment, we will intensify our efforts in health and safety training, as well as diversity and inclusion programs. Our goal is to ensure that all employees feel valued and supported, with ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Maintaining High Ethical Standards

We will continue to lead with integrity, ensuring our ethical practices not only meet but exceed industry standards. This includes ongoing training in information security and anti-corruption, as well as regular audits to ensure compliance and transparency across all operations.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We pledge to maintain an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders about our progress and challenges in these areas. We are committed to an annual review of our practices against EcoVadis standards to ensure continuous improvement and alignment with global best practices.

These initiatives are integral to our core business strategy and reflect our dedication to not just achieving but sustaining high standards of compliance and responsibility. We are excited about the journey ahead and are committed to keeping you informed and engaged as we move forward.


As we reflect on our EcoVadis assessment and the Bronze Medal achievement, it’s clear that while we have made commendable progress, our journey towards sustainability and ethical business practices is ongoing. This evaluation has provided us with valuable insights into how we can enhance our operations and continue to lead by example in the compliance and regulatory sectors.

Transparency in our sustainability efforts is crucial, and we believe in sharing both our successes and areas for improvement. We encourage you, our clients and stakeholders, to engage with us on these topics. Your feedback is invaluable as it helps us to refine our strategies and actions. Together, we can foster a more sustainable and responsible business environment.

At Logwise, we are more motivated than ever to build on our strengths and address the challenges head-on. We are committed to implementing the necessary measures to not only meet but exceed our sustainability goals, ensuring that we continue to provide top-tier service while upholding our responsibilities to our planet and communities.

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership. We look forward to making a greater impact together, driven by our shared values and commitment to excellence.

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