A deep dive in the market soundings safe harbour

The MAR Art. 11 (Market Soundings Regime) stipulates certain procedures that are to be followed – and in exchange, relevant involved parties navigating through those procedures reaches the protective “safe harbour” – [...]


MAR “persons closely associated” vs IAS 24 “related parties” – definitions and differences

MAR stipulates a general requirement to keep lists concerning insiders, whereas there is no similar requirement for lists under IAS 24. Even so, certain EU countries, e.g. Finland, have already installed certain [...]


Stricter MAR inside information regulations enforcement and the importance of acting “immediately” and “as soon as possible”

Logwise has continuously assessed that interpretation and enforcement of MAR inside information regulations would subsequently become stricter, following its original 2016 and 2017 implementation measures. These predictions have again been vindicated. The [...]


Overuse of insider lists requirements relating to market soundings

As MAR recently passed its 5th anniversary, market participants across EU continue to adapt their processes and policies to ensure they are aligned with the requirements and follow best practice. ESMA and [...]


ESMA Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) guidelines amendments consultation

On 15 July 2021, ESMA published its consultation paper primarily proposing additions to its guidelines list regarding delayed disclosure of inside information. Issuers can delay disclosure when: (i) immediate disclosure is likely [...]

EU MAR - Insider lists and market soundings deep dive

The ESMA MAR Review final report, Sep 2020 – Insider lists and market soundings takeaways

This 23 September 2020 ESMA MAR final report follows up on the ESMA 3 October 2019 Consultation Paper MAR review report. Logwise provides below the key takeaways from the final report concerning [...]

Insider list for quarterly report

Delayed disclosure of inside information concerning financial reporting

When can inside information generally be delayed? The main rule in MAR is that inside information should be published as soon as possible (Article 17). However, a publication may be postponed if [...]

Insider list compliance

Checklist - 7 requirements to comply with MAR

We have produced a condensed 7-bullet checklist with some of the most important obligations that need to be fulfilled in order to be compliant with MAR. The checklist is valid irrespective of [...]

Let logwise help your insiders

Delegated list vs subsidiary list - personal responsibility, pitfalls and practical tips

EU has released certain MAR alleviations related to SME Growth Markets (“SMEGMs”). It is clear that the SMEGM insider list alleviations will not apply to the obligations of persons with inside information [...]


EU SME Growth Markets alleviations are limited

MAR currently provides only two minor alleviations for SMEGM issuers: allowing to post inside information on the trading venue's website, instead of the issuer's website, and allowing establishing the insider lists first [...]